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Mon May 8 07:28:25 PDT 2000


Now-a-days, it seems that most of our adults tend to put together nice,
if somewhat expensive armor, from the very beginning .  Right now,
however, we've had a small invasion of 3 very motivated 16 year olds,
with little money but with lots of energy.  They speak of lots and lots
of friends with similar interests, from many of the schools in San
Antonio.  We do youth rapier...and they talk about the long swords that
they construct and clobber each other with in their backyards...and
drool when they see our Armored guys fighting.  "No, guys....a Kamikazi
rush with 5 hacks to the head isn't allowed in rapier".  So...we're
going to get youth chivalric up and running very shortly.

What I'm concerned with, however, is getting these kids their own armor
and away from our limited loaner gear (usually in use by one or more
adults at one time), with a minimum of cost.   I've heard some lore
about Barrel armor.   Breaking this out for the kids may be something
that we need to do at this time.  Does anyone have the specifics?  How
do you make sure that you have everything toxic out of the barrel?  Are
there any patterns around (I'm assuming that you cut it and make a "coat
of plates" out of it)?  Do you make everything (except helm) out of it,
including vambraces...?   Or is lots of leather still required?  I
figure that if we cover them up with a tabbard, they won't look too
bad.  Are cheap but sufficient helms still available somewhere?


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