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John C Isham sacoh at
Mon May 8 19:47:09 PDT 2000

Good day to ye, Lass...

I'm Fr. John (really a priest). Generally I lurk around the list and
don't get involved.

Thought #1. I'm always delighted to see someone working with or wanting
to work with kids.

Thought #2. I never thought about using old metal drums as a source of
plates for plate-mail. The problems are... (a) awfully heavy and in need
aof a stout , therefore expensive undergarment for support   (b) cleaned
barrels are tough/expensive to get   (b) require a cutting torch and
misc. other stuff to render to the proper size.

Thought #3. Use plates made from the throw-away plastic 5 gal buckets
that many food stuffs, kitty litter  and other things can be put up. They
should work for practice using the wood style weapons wrapped in foam.
The kids can get the buckets donated by restaurants (I once made a robot
costume out of gree plastic McDonalds pickle buckets... The plastic is
easily cut with a small electric hand jig-saw (often found in home
carpentry kits... The plastic plates are light (less expensive under
pinnings and easier to work with) The plastic plates can be spray painted
whatever color... The kids can do a lot of the work...

Hope that these thoughts help.

Peace be with you.

John  +
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