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> Good day to ye, Lass...
> I'm Fr. John (really a priest). Generally I lurk around the list and
> don't get involved.

Fascinating.  I hope you don't mind a little private correspondance.

> Thought #1. I'm always delighted to see someone working with or wanting
> to work with kids.
> Thought #2. I never thought about using old metal drums as a source of
> plates for plate-mail. The problems are... (a) awfully heavy and in need
> aof a stout , therefore expensive undergarment for support   (b) cleaned
> barrels are tough/expensive to get   (b) require a cutting torch and
> misc. other stuff to render to the proper size.

Usually people use the thick plastic barrels.  Not as heavy or
hard to cut as metal.
> Thought #3. Use plates made from the throw-away plastic 5 gal buckets
> that many food stuffs, kitty litter  and other things can be put up. They
> should work for practice using the wood style weapons wrapped in foam.
> The kids can get the buckets donated by restaurants (I once made a robot
> costume out of gree plastic McDonalds pickle buckets... The plastic is
> easily cut with a small electric hand jig-saw (often found in home
> carpentry kits... The plastic plates are light (less expensive under
> pinnings and easier to work with) The plastic plates can be spray painted
> whatever color... The kids can do a lot of the work...

I should think these sources of plastic would be too light.
Youth combat for 16- & 17- uses the same rules -- and weapons -- as
adult chivalric combat.  Complete rules on line at the Kingdom website.
> Hope that these thoughts help.

Hey!  Anything to provoke thoughts on the topic.
> Peace be with you.

Thanks, Father, I can use it.

> John  +
- Sir Galen of Bristol
Youth Combat Marshal-at-Large

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