ANST - Youth Chivalric.

Michael F. Gunter michael.gunter at
Mon May 8 11:54:04 PDT 2000

> NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Stop..... Why cant we make nice armour for the youth
> chivalric.

Because we need to first make nice armor for the adults.

> IF cost is an issue cover the cheap alternative with a tunic or
> period sir coat.

Well, that IS the usual method of hiding Ansteorran skin-plate armor.

> I would ratehr not see little blue and white strom
> trouppers when are suppossed to be recreating the middle ages:)

Stormtroopers? They wore WAY too much armor!

> Plus if we
> use carpet the kids will look like chia pets.

We're talking teenagers here. With crewcuts and just learning to grow
beards they already look like chia pets!

> Thegn Duncan


(Gee, I'm old!)

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