ANST - Youth Chivalric.

Kevin Varner KVarner at
Mon May 8 12:45:47 PDT 2000

Cost effective vs. authenticity. I understand the problem. In the space of 3
months, my son grew almost 4" taller and due to weight training at school
broadened out considerably in the shoulders. His first rapier doublet was
obsolete. He wants to get into Youth Bof/Chiv (age 15 coming up shortly). I
am suggesting a Jack or Coat of Plates. The plates are on the inside and
sew/riveted to the outer garment. My jack is coming along nicely using ABS
plastic. You have to remember these kids are growing (regardless of how many
bricks you strap to their heads). ;-) Leave expansion room.

Duncan MacConacher
Bryn Gwlad


NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Stop..... Why cant we make nice armour for the youth 
chivalric.  IF cost is an issue cover the cheap alternative with a tunic or 
period sir coat. I would ratehr not see little blue and white strom 
trouppers when are suppossed to be recreating the middle ages:)Plus if we 
use carpet the kids will look like chia pets.

Thegn Duncan
>I have seen effective carpet armor as well.  Definitely not the prettiest
>stuff in the world but very effective (and hot).
>Sir Romanius
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