ANST - Youth Chivalric - Chia Pet Problem

John C Isham sacoh at
Tue May 9 04:02:27 PDT 2000

Youth do not look well in plastic buckets. Although, I have met a few
that should have been sealed into plastic buckets until they were either
(a) 65 years old or (b) snapped into some non-altered state of reality...

Returning to the subject.

To make plastic armour plate look real, try transferring some technology.
Model railroad enthusiasts and military modelers have for years been
making plastic to quit realistically appear to be wood - steel -
weathered iron - almost any thing. This techniques could be used on
buckets'barrels (take your pick) using air brush and/or spray paint
technology (see your local Harley or hot rod body shop). Transform the
plastic as it is (buckets or barrels) then make a plate pattern and cut
it to size. Touch up the rough edges with paint. Voila, plates for armour
in useable and wearable sizes.

Brainfart #2 -- There are many companies that cut gaskets from foam. Some
of the gaskets are sticky-backed with glue. If you can find a company
doing this type of subcontract work for air condioner builders, they will
usually have bins full of waste of this stuff that they love to get rid
of. Three years ago, I got bunch of 1/4 " sticky back foam gasket
material (waste) from a place in Dallas (whose name escapes me at the
moment) and use it to winterize the doors and windows here at the rectory
in Tuttle.

Hope some of this might help.

Peace and all good.

John  +
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