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My first set of chivalric armor was made of the same pickle barrels already
spoken of.  I glued burlap to the outside and closed cell foam to the
inside, and made a set of Lorica Segmentata from it.  Used it for a year and
then made a set out of leather.  It worked just fine, was much lighter than
the leather stuff I "graduated" to, and didn't look all that bad (although I
did throw a tabard over the whole thing).  As I recall, the pickle barrels
were free from a local fast food joint, the burlap cost about $7, the closed
cell foam about $10 (for a sleeping pad sheet -- much more than I needed)
and the glue, lacings, etc another $10 or so.  A little muscle power did the
rest, and I was outfitted with everything but knees, elbows and helm for
less than $30.  It may not be pretty, but it is sufficient when padded


Lisa A. May

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Sir Galen of Bristol writes (in reference to the use of 5-gal pickle buckets
for armor)

>>>>I should think these sources of plastic would be too light.
Youth combat for 16- & 17- uses the same rules -- and weapons -- as
adult chivalric combat.<<<<

I've seen them used to good effect when they are either backed with closed
cell foam,
or overlapped (as they are in lamallar or brig). Otherwise, I'd advise the
plastic 55 gallon drums used for car wash chemicals (and available for the
asking at many such facilities). They're easily rinsed free of chemical
residue, and the plastic is thick enough that it's extremely rigid, yet can
be easily shaped with a jigsaw and sander.

Not pretty, not period, but for "quick and dirty" armor it can't be beat.
Also, if it's attached to light leather or upholstery fabric, it can quite a
decent looking
armor using the Visby patterns.

Alaric Styrr,
called Tuhtahl
(who's still fighting in the "quick and dirty" armor he threw together 6
years ago...)

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