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Lady Neeve Drakesbane neeve_d at
Mon May 8 23:04:58 PDT 2000

Thank you so much for the info site.  I bookmarked it.
 Would you happen to know where I could find Pictures
of garb and such?  I am a very visual person.  SO far
I have been taking "creative liscense" with the garb
I've made so far.  Sasha loves it, but I'm not sure
how accurate it is.  I'd really like to make her look
good.  We will be opening a branch of "The House Of
Magik Brew", (the medieval branch of our coffee
company), in Pensacola, Florida at the year round
medieval and Civil War camp ground and amusement park,
so we'd really like to make Sasha look like a good
Ansteorran.  Thanks SOOO much for your help...Safe and
Happy Journeys...Lady Neeve

--- "Mark.S Harris" <rsve60 at> wrote:
> Lady Neeve Drakesbane wrote:
> > 
> > Greetings All,  I am in search of information on
> > making doggie garb.  I would really apreciate any
> help
> > I can get...Safe and happy Journey's...Ly. Neeve
> There is some info in this file in the ANIMALS
> section of
> my Florilegium:
> dogs-msg          (48K)  2/29/00    Dogs. Barding
> for dogs. dog collars.
> The Florilegium is at:
> Stefan li Rous
> stefan at
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