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Having never made children's Armour or any Armour for that matter,is there a
possibility for a children's Armour workshop at children's activates?If
things are cut out of the hard stuff the kids can glue and cut the close
cell stuff.Again this may be insane since I don't know about the actual
process.I am looking for things to interest the older kids."If you stay for
an hour and help with the little kids we can make armor when they
leave"sound good to me.

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> My son has grown out of his very nice leather armour and now Mommy and
> find themselves designing a new set for Steppes.
> I know that this seems like alot of extra work, but Derrick has been
> fighting since he was 5 (we used to live in another Kingdom, but the
> fades....*grin*) and he has had several sets of armour which have been
> passed down to other children or have become loaner armour for local
> He has told me, that looking like one of the adult fighters makes him feel
> like he has to behave at his very best, like one of the adult fighters.
> Since so much of what happens on the list field involves honor and
> and conducting oneself as if they were present in the middle ages, I find
> myself encouraging people to take that extra step and make their children
> nice garb, nice armour, medieval looking toys (even if it is converting
> Barbie to a tudor or t-tunic instead of the hot pink sequins).
> If our children feel like they are recreationists, and not just being drug
> along by their parents, they will perhaps chose to stay and play with us
> after they have grown.
> Just my thoughts on the matter.
> Larissa
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