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Lady Ameline wrote:
> Having never made children's Armour or any Armour for that matter,is there a
> possibility for a children's Armour workshop at children's activates?If
> things are cut out of the hard stuff the kids can glue and cut the close
> cell stuff.Again this may be insane since I don't know about the actual
> process.I am looking for things to interest the older kids.

I'm not familar enough with the requirements of the youth armor for the
various ages to be able to tell you what they will be able to do and
what should be entrusted to others.

However, for some other ideas for children's activities, both for the
younger and the older ones, you might find some of the files in the
CHILDREN section of my Florilegium to be of interest:
chd-ck-clsses-msg  (5K)  3/ 3/00    Children's cooking classes.
child-gam-msg     (60K) 11/22/99    Period and SCA children's games and 
p-cook-child-msg   (8K)  4/10/00    Period cooking for children.
teenagers-msg     (27K)  7/23/98    Period and SCA teenagers. SCA

I believe Larissa mentioned in her message period toys and period-like
for SCA children. For those interested in this, these files might be of
toys-msg          (63K)  7/20/99    Period and SCA toys.
Toys-in-th-MA-art (26K)  8/30/99    "Toys in the Middle Ages" By Lady
                                       of Ravenscroft.
dolls-msg         (17K)  7/ 1/99    Medieval fashion and toy dolls.

And for those discouraged at repeatedly making period clothing for their
children, perhaps some of the ideas in this file will be of use:
child-clothes-msg (23K)  2/24/97    Period and SCA children's clothing.

Want to interest your kids in the Middle Ages outside of SCA events? You
might find some of these books a good start:
child-books-msg   (17K)  5/27/99    Children's Medieval and Ren. history

The Florilegium can be found on the web at:
Or I can send any of the files by email.

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