ANST - Thanks for Conquest

Chiang chiang at
Thu May 11 22:15:16 PDT 2000

  Sorry that this has taken so long in the writing. I do feel the need to
thank people for the job well done at Conquest of the New World.
  I would like to thank the populace of Brad Leah. You did a wonderful job
of putting on an event. I had a great deal of fun. You went out of your way
to do a wonderful job. I cannot say enough nice things about the event or
the fabulous feast.
  To the Queens Isabel and Catherine. You were awesome. Your armies were
worthy and noble. It is a worthy adversary that makes us strive to be more
chivalrous. It was a great honor to fight against such a noble foe.
  To those for fought with me for Elisabeth. Thank you. I had both seasoned
and unblooded fighters. You did what I asked when needed. You stood and did
not run. I could not ask for better to serve me and my Queen.
  And last but certainly least, my Queen. I thank you for giving me the
chance to serve you. I hope that I did not disappoint you.
  Thank you all.
  Long live the Queen,
  Western Regional Knight Marshal
  Autocrat for Gothic 2000 (G2K)

  "Our Enemies Teach Us Life's Most Valuable Lessons"

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