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Jerry Herring herring at
Mon May 15 15:40:51 PDT 2000

I am not trying to start up a whole discussion on the historical accuracy of
the Kilt in pre 18th century clothing. I would like to recommend that people
who are interested in them to go out and do their own research to draw their
own conclusions. In fact there is not definitive proof to either end of the
kilt issue. A few years ago my lady did a research paper that argues for the
existence of the Kilt before the 1700's. If you are interested in reading
and seeing the sources she used as documentation please let me know.

The issue of the Kilt is one that is actually almost impossible to prove or
disprove. This is due to the lack of written documentation and the fact that
fabrics from the Celtic peoples of early Scotland did not survive well over
time. Their are a lot of historical situations where there are accepted
schools of thought on the subject but not hard proof.

If you are still in flux on deciding yea or nay about kilts or some other
historic issue do some research for yourself. Historians themselves usually
have several different schools of thought on an issue. Personal research is
really the best way to help you make up your mind. So don't let one persons
opinion of a historical item, event, or issue define your opinion. You have
the opportunity to see what other information might be available and form
your own. There is a whole world of information out why not explore it.

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