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Please pass this information on to any archers that might be interested. 

Thank you

Sir JOn Fitz0-Rauf, SCA Archery Marshal

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Archery Masterwork Judging at Lilies War, Calontir, June AS 35

I am going to modify the concept a little, in an experiment to see if I can get more entires from a greater number of individuals.

This year, the Archery Masterwork Judging will be based loosely on an apprentice-journeyman-master scenario.  it will be a tri-level competition and evaluation, where beginners and experienced craftsmen alike can bring their work for judging and comment.

The levels will be beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The categories will be handbows, crossbows, thrown weapons, projectiles (arrows, bolts, and quarrels), and accessories.

Each person may enter a maximum of two (2) entries in each category, and each entry may be entered in a different level, but does not have to be.

Documentation will not be required, but is recommended.  This is an A&S exhibition, it is intended to educate and to inform as well as to be an opportunity to win prizes.  Entries without documentation may suffer in judging if a question to their authenticity arises and cannot be verified.

No item that has won a previous AMJ can be entered again.

Judging will be face-to-face and open for observation by the public.  The entrant should either be present with their entry(ies) or have a knowlegable proxy present for the judging.  Again, this is an educational opportunity as well as a competition, public interaction is a desired part.

Entrants are encouraged to write articles on their entries - construction methods, measurements, sources for documentation.  Those entrants who provide articles will have them published (should they wish) on a web page describing the entrants of the AMJ.  Digital photographs will be taken of the entries and the competition will be documented on an web page after the close of the event, so that more people will be able to benefit from the judging.

Judges will be pulled from those present at the event with knowlege of the craft - since the Known World A&S symposium is also at this event, there should be plenty of judges.

The basic criteria are as follows:

The entries must be of pre 1600 design.  Materials such
as Port Ordford Cedar, Lemon Wood, etc. which grew in period, but would
not have been available will be permitted.  Materials equivalent to period materials will be allowed as long as they belong to the same materila family - for example, Osage Orange would be allowed for a bow instead of Yew, as they are both wood.  Modern glues, finishes, and string material may be used, but a higher score will be obtained by using period materials.


Based on: 1) Feel:  How well they draw.
 Degree of stacking. Hand shock. etc.  Each bow should have at least six 
arrows which are suitable for shooting in order to test the bow..  2)  
Construction: How well tillered. Degree of string follow. Following of 
grain on back of bow. Absence of tool marks. Glue joints. Use of period 
techinques, etc.  3)  Appearance: Resemblance to actual period bows. 
Finish. Additional details such as: Carved horn nocks, inlay, painting, etc.


Based on: 1) Feel:  How they feel in the hand; recoil or 'bite'.  Each crossbow should have at least six 
bolts or quarrels which are suitable for shooting in order to test the bow..  2)  
Construction: How well fit, joinery, true and square (alignment), lack of excessive play. Proper use of grain direction,  absence of tool marks. Glue joints. Use of period 
techinques, etc.  3)  Appearance: Resemblance to actual period bows. 
Finish. Additional details such as: inlay, overlay, painting, etc.

Crossbows may be fitted with fiberglass prods for the judging (as many still feel this is a safety issue) and only minimal points will be taken off.

Thrown Weapons

Mased on 1) Feel:  balance, hand feel, solidness.  2) Construction:  Fit of metal to wood, finish of metal work and woodwork, detail and finish overall; 3): appearance: resemblance to actual medieval weaponry; and 4): functionality (judged at the range).


Based on: 1) How well matched the set is in a) 
spine. b) Weight.  c) Balance. etc.  2) Construction: Shaft of purchased 
dowel or made by hand.  Nocks,  self or reinforced.  Use of period 
techniques. Heads, period or modern and handmade or purchased. Fetching:  
Type of feather and how well cut and aligned.  3) Appearance: Finish, 
cresting, etc. Resemblance to actual period arrows. etc.

 In the case of entries with a set of a bow and arrows, the bow 
and the arrows will be judged separately.  


Based on Construction, appearance, and function.

Any questions should be addressed personally to me.

Thank you 

Kazimierz Verkmastare
Archer General, Calontir

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