ANST - Conquest of the New World

Melinda aerin at
Tue May 16 06:48:09 PDT 2000

It has taken me a while to write this due to Mundanities. But I would
like to share my two pence not just on Conquest of the New World, but
also on the Shire of Brad Leah itself.

Two years ago I went to my first event outside of my shire, it was in the
Shire of Brad Leah, Celtic Games.  I had a wonderful time and everyone
was very friendly and hospitable.  The next year I went to Festival of Japan
and again they went out of thier way to be helpful to any and everyone. They
built a true ambiance and feeling, not just something thrown together to try
make it look right, it was truely a magical feeling.  This year at Conquest,
again this shire displayed its hospitality and creativity.  The atmosphere,
especially the way the feast hall was decorated, made you feel you had
gone through a time tunnel.

I am very happy to call several members of this Shire my friends, and will
continue to always be at their event.  They are very much so a special
group to me.

Vivat Brad Leah!!

In Service to the Love of the Dream,
Lady Aerin of Adlersruhe

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