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Tue May 16 13:22:02 PDT 2000

Lord Charles de Marquette wrote:
> We will fix meat pies , period veggie and a desert
> we can bing food or I could go the store that morning
> so we have fresh veggies , we all afternoon to fix
> then about 7 pm we can our mini feast and BARDIC revel
> . Ant Idea ? By all means ,Lets open a talk on it.

It looks like from another message that you are looking
for recipe ideas. You might be interested in looking
through some of the recipes in the various food sections
of my Florilegium files.

>From the above, I might suggest:
In the FOOD section:
meat-pies-msg     (97K)  4/12/00    Period meat pies. Recipes.
pies-msg          (27K)  4/12/00    Period pie crusts, meat and fruit
stews-bruets-msg  (55K) 12/ 2/99    Period stews and bruets. Recipes.

In the FOOD-VEGETABLES section:
mushrooms-msg     (91K)  4/26/99    Period mushrooms. Recipes.
root-veg-msg     (111K)  2/17/00    Medieval and period root vegetables.
vegetables-msg    (95K) 12/ 8/99    Period vegetables. Recipes.
turnips-msg       (33K) 12/ 8/99    Turnips in period. Recipes.

cookies-msg       (57K)  1/12/00    Period cookies. Recipes.
desserts-msg      (78K)  1/11/00    Medieval and SCA dessert recipes.
gingerbread-msg   (39K)  1/31/00    Medieval gingerbread. Recipes.
candy-msg        (136K)  9/23/99    Period candy. Recipes. Candied fruit

There are many more cooking files, many of which include recipes, that
may find useful. There are also a number of cookbook reviews and
in the FOOD-BOOKS section.

The Florilegium is at:

I hope this helps.

Lord Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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