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Thu May 18 08:08:31 PDT 2000

Unto the Populous of Ansteorra doth Aimee de Long Coeur, Steppes Equestrian
Guild Mistress, send greetings

Steppes Warlord will be hosting it's first Equestrian Games on the 27th and
28th of May 2000.

Have you mastered the skills of the joust? Then come and meet us on the
There will be prizes for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Riders.

On Saturday, after morning Court, we will have games of Saracen Heads,
Rings, Pig Sticking, Javelin toss, and Rescue the Maiden.

On Sunday we will have more games of skill which will be chosen by the
riders in attendance.

We have no horses for beginners in the Barony at this time, so please call
me if you are looking to authorize or ride without your own mount. I can
put you in touch with persons who can be bribed with service or other

Please reserve by May 23 if you are bringing a horse. We will be providing
hay (costal) and water for all the horses from Friday night until Monday
morning. There is ample space for picketing or portable pens but there are
no stables on site.

Steppes will be providing breakfast and lunch for Horse Camp on Saturday
and Sunday. We will also have a few people to help you when you arrive.
Horse camp is just past the toll booth. A Neg. Coggins certificate (no
older than 12 mos.) or Equine Passport is required for all equines on site.

The following people are helping me organize Steppes Warlord:

     Patric de Long Coeur (pbureau at is organizing ground crew and
     Gabriel Rene de Bernard (jude2000 at is organizing the list and
maintaining the pavilion.

In Service,

Aimée de Long Coeur
Llechatton at
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