ANST - Springfaire lost and found

Vicki Shetler shetler at
Thu May 18 09:24:11 PDT 2000

Those shields that you have I believe belong to Baron Duncan. You can probably
get him to describe them for you.

Isolde von Rugen

Damon Huse wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I am in possession of the following items that were left at Elfsea
> Springfaire.
>         2 shields
>         1 rattan sword
>         2 unpadded glaves
>         1 black gear bag (tell me what is in it and it's yours)
>         1 back off of a colapsible camp chair (Donnel??)
>         various cookware (Gilli, please let me know if you are short on any)
> If you think any of these items are yours please email me (which is the
> best bet for the rest of this week) and I will work at getting your
> stuff back to you.
> In service,
>         Lord Phelippe Descors
>         Chronicler, Barony of Elfsea
>         (972)298-0946
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