ANST - Oops!

Michael F. Gunter michael.gunter at
Tue May 23 12:45:03 PDT 2000

Well, I'm sure that all of you guessed it. Sir Gunthar opened his
figurative and inserted his figurative foot. Anybody got a treatment
for athlete's tongue?

Or more like it, Gunthar offered something and got volunteered for

Anyway. Guess who is now in charge of Ansteorran Chili night?


Um, no. Nice try though. Well if anyone is planning on attending
Pennsic with Ansteorra and would like to help with Chili night
please contact me privately. Right now Ansteorran Chili night
consists of me, a large pot and a cajun cooker that I can borrow.
I know I'm a miracle worker but I don't think I can feed 500 of
Ansteorra's best friends with just that. Equipment, food,
money, help offers and clean-up volunteers will be most appreciated.

Ansteorra Chili Night has become one of the "to-do" things
at Pennsic for many in the Knowne World. (Thanks whole bunches,
Kein.) Let's not let them down. (And in the process pull my
keister out of the hot seat.

You may email me at michael.gunter at or
gunthar at Remember, organization isn't my strong



(Is it hot in here?)

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