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Wed May 24 03:30:44 PDT 2000

Looks like our friends in Trimaris are tking their archery a little more
personal. I wish all well that shoot at Warlord, and send my some good
scores to send in.
Plachoya Dep for IKAC

>Subject: [SCA-Archery] May IKAC Report
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>Wow.  The response to my request for feedback on the possible elimination of
>fiberglass from the Period IKAC division was almost overwhelming.  To date
>I've read every single e-mail sent to me or to the SCA Archery mailing list,
>taking everyone's views into consideration.  I want to thank everyone for
>their participation.  I would also like to thank those who told me to hang
>in there.  Your posts were like a splash of cool water in an otherwise
>heated debate.  
>I want to address some issues that were brought up during the debate.  I
>don't consider myself "the powers that be."  I am one person who relies on
>dozens of volunteer range marshals around the Known World to help run a
>competition enjoyed by hundreds of archers.  Without their help there would
>be no IKAC.
>I do not make changes "on a whim."  If I did I would never have asked for
>feedback on proposed rule changes.  Majority acceptance by the SCA archery
>community will always be required before I will implement a major rule
>The fiberglass issue was not intended to be "mean."  When the Period IKAC
>division was first introduced the only requirement was no plastic nocks.
>Bonuses were given to those who used and made period equipment to encourage
>their use.  As the division matured and acquired a strong base of archers,
>the bonuses were dropped and the requirements for bow construction were
>enforced.  As more documentation, tools, bowyers, fletchers and teachers are
>available to us, the requirements for the Period IKAC division will continue
>to mature.  There will always be growing pains, but I will try to keep them
>to a minimum.
>With all that said, fiberglass will not be eliminated from the Period IKAC
>division next season nor in the foreseeable future.
>Period Crossbows:  I'm looking for documentation for sights on period
>crossbows.  Some have suggested "Die Armbrust."  Page references are fine,
>but I can't always get a copy of the book.  Photocopies can be scanned and
>sent to ikac at or c/o Jonathan Satcher, 23000 Edmonds Way #201,
>Edmonds, WA, 98020, USA.  Thanks!
>Current Standings as of 5/24/2000
>Open Division
>1. An Tir 289.0: Andras the Truemark 323, Vladimir Esves 298, Felicitae de
>l'Hay 246.
>2. West 214.7: Sabine (Lochac) 235, Sigmund (Lochac) 208, Baron Brusi
>(Lochac) 201.
>3. Trimaris 180.7: Sir Erika Bjornsdotter 206, Cennydd Robyn Hawkewood 172,
>Mar of Unst 164.
>4. Outlands 172.0: Rosalind of Wellmark 193, Nikolaos Demetriohotoxotes 172,
>Artorius Greyhawk 151, Jean Airk Le Grimm 151.
>5. Caid 162.0: Liadan of Seahaven 188, Thomas Blackkeep 188, Igor 110.
>6. Atlantia 161.3: Gregge the Archer 204, Collum Makiswell 173, Gwenhwyvar
>Ywein 107.
>7. Middle n/a: James Cunningham 228, Baynard 48.
>8. Calontir n/a: Phillipe Lelutre 66.
>Open Crossbow Division
>1. Middle 232.0: Lord Allen of Caerlaverock 315, Dorinda Aethelwyn 214, Thea
>the Spinner 167.
>2. Calontir n/a: HL Lynette Davejean 225.
>3. Outlands n/a: Rosalind of Wellmark 193.
>4. Trimaris n/a: Caonate 49.
>Period Division
>1. Outlands 145.3: HL Steitan de Bogenschutz 166, Augustus the Piper 146, Ld
>Damian d'Antioche 124.
>2. Caid n/a: James of the Lake 122, Katherine of Anglsey 114.
>3. West n/a: Thorn of Northgate (Lochac) 60.
>Period Crossbow Division
>Ld Allen of Caerlaverock 276, Middle
>Gregge the Archer 182, Atlantia
>Eoghan O'Ruadhain 153, Atlantia
>Maidiu Ruadh (Lochac) 82, West
>1. An Tir n/a: Sara de Bonnivillev 133, Tayodrick 109.
>End Report
>In service,
>Signore Giovanni dell'Arco, OGGS
>Keeper of the InterKingdom Archery Competition
>ikac at
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