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You can almost always get custom flemish twist strings in either dacron or
fastflight off of ebay for anywhere from $5-$8 each.  Sometimes they sell
them in lots of 2 or 3.  Shipping is usually $1.

You give them the AMO length of your bow, draw weight,  and the actual
length of the string (or send them an old one).  They will twist you a
custom string in your choice of colors for the string bundles (typically 2
or 3 bundles in a string) and often you can get custom colors on the

There are about 10 auctions there right now with strings.  One of the guys
has a website at

You might also want to post you question to the Ansteorran Archery list (and
subscribe if you are not already on the list).



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> Can anyone recommend a good site for ordering Flemish Bow Strings for
> a Welsh Longbow?  I TRIED (several times) to get with Kingslayer
> Armory but haven't gotten ANY replies back from them in weeks.
> Ld Brennan
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