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Mike Andrews mikea at
Fri May 26 05:49:12 PDT 2000

"Joseph Bosko" <acrubray at> wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good site for ordering Flemish Bow Strings for
> a Welsh Longbow?  I TRIED (several times) to get with Kingslayer
> Armory but haven't gotten ANY replies back from them in weeks.
> Ld Brennan

Three Rivers Archery ( had the strings in
stock at reasonable prices, and (more importantly) has the materials
and tools in stock so that you can make your own. (I know, that's the 
Laurel speaking). I strongly recommend the Flemish String Maker's 
Jig for at least the first few strings. I've made Flemish strings in
B-50 Dacron and in flax; both work well, though the flax is less

The people are _very_ good to work with. If you're ever in the area 
of Ashley, IN, stop by and drool. 

My only relation with TRA, is that I buy things from them.

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