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Michael Tucker michaelt at
Fri May 26 08:05:11 PDT 2000

Okay, all you pack rats and Ansteorra history buffs... you can stop looking. The
winner is Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna, who came up with:

Kaitlyn McKenna wrote:
> okay here it is...
> April 1991, A.S.  XXV: 19-21 Elfsea Spring Faire and Bordermarch Baronial
> Championship.
> I have several years either side of this if you need to compare what is on
> that date.  It looks to usually be Elfsea and something else.
> An interesting note: Gulf Wars which started that year had a prince/ess
> because it was held in June after Crown in May(2nd weekend). It was only
> after moving it to March that we no longer had a prince/ess in attendance.
> kaitlyn

Thanks to everyone who responded (or was about to <grin)!


Michael Tucker wrote:
> [snip] What event(s) were held in Ansteorra on April 20, 1991? That date was
> the 3rd Saturday in April that year. [snip]
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