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Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at
Mon May 29 11:33:35 PDT 2000

I wanted to put a quick note up on the list to say thank you to alot of 
wonderful people, most of whom are still probably packing up on site at 

Duncan's Knighting was spectacular and beautiful, and the vigil was one 
terrific party.  It could never have been done without alot of help and alot 
of love and support from everyone.

I want to especially thank Their Majesties for their guidance and help in 
getting everything organized and ready for this occasion.

Thank you to Count Sir Gunthar, Sir Miguel, Lord Alejandro and Lady Amalia 
and Baroness Alys and all of House Porto who made the vigil food that fed so 
many people, everyone gave it high acclaim.

Thank you to Lord Alejandro and Lady Amalia for the awesome creation of the 
vigil coins.

Thank you to lord John Bane for the incredible magical wizardry that was the 
frozen pina colada miracle that had most of the populace at the event 
dancing with joy.  And thank you to Lord Philo for helping me be "party 
monitor" when I had to take a break.

Thank you to Lady Mary Elizabeth, Lady Muireanne, Lady Marguerite, lady 
Hella, Lady Amalia, and the cast of thousands who helped me to do alot of 
"stealth sewing".

Thank you to Lord Morgunn for stepping up to the plate to herald, you did 

Thank you to Sir Terance (sp) who's piping brought tears to my eyes with 
it's beauty.

Thank you to Lady Ari who made the most amazing scroll I have ever seen, and 
did it with such talent and speed that I am still astounded.

Thank you to Lord Borek and Lady Isabel the Steppes Warlord autocratic team 
(clones) for all the organization assistance.

Thank you to Lady Marguerite and your wonderful husband Steve who's SCA I 
will not begin to butcher.  I don't think you ever stopped working.

Thank you to the Order of Chivalry of Ansteorra, you all made the 
preparations for this alot of fun, you gave me alot of inspiration, and 
actually, words can't really express what you all mean to me.

Thank you to my household and friends, who never stopped working.

Thank you to Baron Edwin for entrusting much of the beauty you saw in the 
vigil tent to my keeping for the weekend.

Thank you to the brave Centurian's, and Household members who spent long 
hours standing as the Guards, and still had enough left to find levity in 
the first bird songs at dawn.  And Especially Centurian Daniel, who was 
there much of the time, in fact finally fell asleep in his chair after the 
vigil was done, still guarding the door. *grin*

There are so many people who did so much, and Master Pug *grin* will no 
doubt chastise me if I take up mega space here.  But please know that I have 
thanks for everyone who helped, shared and participated, and alot of hugs to 
give out indeed.  The drummers, the dancers, the revelers, thank you.

I know Duncan has alot to say as well, but I won the foot race to the 
computer :).

And finally, thank you to all of the members of the populace, who waited up 
to 4 hours to come to the vigil and see my husband.  You make the dream new 
for me each and every time I step onto an event site.  It is the people of 
Ansteorra that makes this Kingdom the greatest home anyone could ever wish 

In Service to Ansteorra and the Dream.

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