ANST - Steppes Warlord

Patrick J.Cuccurello pat at
Tue May 30 09:50:40 PDT 2000

I would like to thank everyone who was so very gracious during Steppes
Warlord.  In many ways it was bittersweet for my lady and myself.  On one
hand, we lost our tent to the high winds, I messed up a scroll due to my own
stupidity, and we had to miss a handfasting in our household and the
elevation to peerage of a number of people who are dear to us.  On the other
hand we were extremely gladdened by the care and help of the people of
Ansteorra in helping with the equestrians both on the field and through the
storm Saturday night.  The Bards who left from their Bardic Circle to attend
the fire after the handfasting, I owe you a debt of gratitude.  You made
this a very special magical thing to two young people who are very new to
the Society.  For that one shining moment, you created the Dream we all
strive for, and a memory that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

To Their Excellencies of Steppes, Thank you for a wonderful event.

To Their Excellencies of Bjornsborg, I wish the weather had cooperated
better for
   your dinner Saturday night.  My apprentice was disheartened that his meal
   you was cut short, and I am sorry that circumstances did not allow us
   time to speak.  Your assistance with aiding M'lady Tinia in acquiring
Bards for
   the Handfasting reaffirms my convictions concerning the nobility of the
   of Ansteorra.

To Mistress Aslyn...what can I say.....I owe you baby  :)

To the Bards of Ansteorra, there are no words to recognize your

To the populous of Ansteorra, my thanks and affection for all your
   this past weekend to my ladywife, myself, and House Cat's Lair.  In all
   our travels, you are unique to the Knowne World.

I remain, In service, Vivat Ansteorra!

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