ANST - Crown Laurelate Competition at King's College

Jeanne Pou/ Catherine de Calais ladyhauke at
Tue May 30 10:48:48 PDT 2000


I would like to remind all that there will be a Crown Laurelate Competition 
at King's College, in Victoria (Stonebridge, I think) June 16-18.  The 
competition is open to all Laurels.  Judging will be by Iris' and 
non-competing Laurels, and of course, the Crown!

Registration will begin at 8:30am and continue till 10am.
Food will be judged at 11:30am.  All entries to be removed by 4:00pm.  If 
you have special needs for your entry, ie: performance,  bardic, kitchen, 
etc., please inform me so that we may accomodate you.

Laurels, please enter and show us all your talents!  Look forward to seeing 
as many of you as possible!

HL Catherine de Calais
Barony of Bjornsborg
Kingdom of Ansteorra

"Never argue with an idiot... they drag you down to their level and beat you 
with experience..."

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