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Quoting L W <ladyleonette at>:

> Greetings,
> I have been watching the posts lately, and noticed one for the "Highland 
> Games"  the weekend of June 2-4.
> I am dreadfully new to the area and state, Could someone tell me where this

Welcome to Ansteorra, and Texas!

> is taking place, and how far from Midland that is.
> Thank you. YIS
> Leonett Alexandrius

For you, and anyone else interested...

The Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games takes place 
each June at Maverick Stadium, on the campus of the 
University of Texas at Arlington (between Dallas & Ft. 
Worth).  It's a _very_ large event, with bands, concerts, 
bagpipes, Scottish Games competitions, many, many vendors 
and merchants, a parade, clan booths, fireworks, -- and 
the SCA.

The Barony of Elfsea puts on its largest demo of the year 
here, with fighting of all sorts, dancing, tables full of 
stuff, and lots and lots of talking to folks.  It's a 

I'm afraid we're out of free tickets, but if you feel 
like dropping by, or coming for the whole day, we'd love 
to see you!

- Galen
Baron of Elfsea
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