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Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at
Tue May 30 13:38:56 PDT 2000

I have had alot of discussions and given alot of thought to this subject, so 
I thought I would drag it out here on the list for some more hashing around.

I have always felt, that a consort should be at the side of the fighting 
field to receive the salute for their fighter, and inspire them.

The very beginnings of the SCA was founded on the recreation of these 
courtly graces, as well as the fighting *grin* which everyone enjoys in 
their own way.

While there are many consorts who are there being inspirational, (I am not 
counting the occaisional errand or child situation etc.. that may distract 
you at any given moment) I really grieve to see how many consorts don't seem 
to realize the importance, and the honor it gives, to stand at the field and 
receive your salute and watch your fighter do their very best to honor you.

Duncan and I have a very special salute which many people have said they 
find very touching.  I have also watched Sir Miguel and Lady Connell (sp) 
Count Sir Daffyd and Countess Octavia and Lord Richard and Lady Mary 
Elizabeth to name but a few do some very inspirational salutes, things that 
warm the heart and show their devotion to each other.

Without special moments like these, I feel the game itself would be very 
lacking.  I am writing the list today and encourage others to as well to 
promote these ideals to others.

When I see someone miss their salute, as I said, I am very sad.  And I think 
it is because perhaps no one ever taught them this aspect of the game.

what do you all think?


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