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Weiszbrod, Barbara A (Barbara) baw2 at
Tue May 30 14:06:08 PDT 2000

Your Grace, although in theory I agree with your views, and try to be there
to return the honor given me when some gentle has asked to carry my favor on
the field, it is not always possible for me to do so.

We all join the Society for a fulfillment of our own dreams and interests.
Those interests take us often in different directions from the fighters with
whom we associate.  For example, on Saturday, in addition to trying to
finish scrolls that were needed for evening court, I was needed in the Hall,
assisting in the Charter Painting, as Central Regional Scribe I felt it was
required of me.  One example of interest and duty that takes me away from
the list field.

I am sure that other consorts have the same conflicts.  If consorts are not
there every time the fighter salutes, please do not assume that it is a lack
of manners or training that prevents them, but more often of too many things
to do with too little time.

Baroness Alys
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