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Larissa wrote:
> I have had alot of discussions and given alot of thought to this subject, so
> I thought I would drag it out here on the list for some more hashing around.

Then I hope you will take these comments in the spirit they are meant
and not as a criticism of yourself or the armored fighting community.
> I have always felt, that a consort should be at the side of the fighting
> field to receive the salute for their fighter, and inspire them.

Yes, this is a nice ideal. However, I fear, rather impractical these
days to be followed consistently.

> The very beginnings of the SCA was founded on the recreation of these
> courtly graces, as well as the fighting *grin* which everyone enjoys in
> their own way.

Yes, it was. However, the SCA has grown and changed quite a lot since
those early days. The number of activities engaged in at any one event
has greatly expanded. And the number of fighters in most lists has
also greatly expanded so the lists themselves are often much longer
and when they are shorter there are then multiple ones. Thus it is
not a simple matter to say everything should stop during the tournament
so that everyone can be present.
> While there are many consorts who are there being inspirational, (I am not
> counting the occaisional errand or child situation etc.. that may distract
> you at any given moment) I really grieve to see how many consorts don't seem
> to realize the importance, and the honor it gives, to stand at the field and
> receive your salute and watch your fighter do their very best to honor you.

Yes, this is nice and should be experienced by consorts at least
occasionally. However, to be present at each and every round, each
and every tournament puts a strain on finding time to participate
in other activities. If the lord is fighting in armored combat and
the lady in rapier combat, which are often held simultaneously, is
one to give up their activity to be consort for the other?

Fighting and tournaments are not the only activity just one of
the flashier ones. Had they been, then there would have been
no need to create three seperate, but equal Peerages.

Are classes, A&S displays and contests, archery, equestrian activities,
or cooking the evening feast to be suspended during armored combat
so the consorts can be present?
> Without special moments like these, I feel the game itself would be very
> lacking.  I am writing the list today and encourage others to as well to
> promote these ideals to others.
> When I see someone miss their salute, as I said, I am very sad.  And I think
> it is because perhaps no one ever taught them this aspect of the game.

Yes, perhaps. For an activity such as Crown Tournament where fighting
is about the only thing that happens, I think it would be nice to
encourage consorts to be there and add color to the event. It must
be quite a shock to have your lord arrive home from Crown Tournament
or to recieve a flustered phonecall, to say you were the new Crown
Princess. :-) Much better in person.

I think it is also possible and should be encouraged at such
events as Lyonesse where pagentry is grand and everything is centered
around the fighting.

And yes, I have stood on the fighting field, not knowing whether
my lady was there or not, but knowing that if not, she was likely
running the children's activities or doing some other activity
that was of interest to her or of importance to the Society. And
that perhaps by doing my best, I might possibly, just possibly
still be in the tournament when she was available.
> what do you all think?

Well, you did ask.

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