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Stacy Dickey vanorav at
Tue May 30 15:03:23 PDT 2000

> I have always felt, that a consort should be at the side of the fighting
> field to receive the salute for their fighter, and inspire them

    Here-here! Well said, Larisa!

    I and my [un-named] former lord used to do this for eachother as we
fought in lists. I even went as far as to ask my opponent if they minded
delaying our bout from starting so that I may stand at the side of my lord's
field to watch him fight for me. I can't speak for him, but when he did this
for me, it meant the world and my heart soared. (Thus, I feel I fought
better while his eyes were on me... I didn't want to let him down!)

    Being in a new kingdom and without a lord these days, I find it hard to
have much more motivation to fight than for the sake of getting back into
gear and to make my knights proud of me. (Yes, "knights"... I have two of
them. Perhaps I'll explain that one day.) I really do feel that if I wore
the honour-badge of someone watching me fight, then my spirit would be more
into it. Such salutes are so much more important than most think. They are
not to impress at a Pas, they are not meant for
show............................... and they certainly are taken for

For Love, Honour, and Inspiration,

Lady Vanora
Darkwater, Trimaris

PS... Oh yeah, BTW:

    Let it be known that Earl Bytor Fitzgerald is the new soviergn-heir to
the throne of Trimaris. (Nay, he is not the next GW king... that will be
known Labor Day weekend.)

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