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Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at
Tue May 30 15:41:13 PDT 2000

I think a few people here are kinda missing the major intent of my post.

I said that there are sometimes reasons why you can't.  That isn't what I am
trying to get going here.

**************I am looking for reasons why you can.********************

Have you ever noticed that whenever someone tries to add to something, there 
is always someone in the chorus who isn't reading the music. I am not 
wanting to list the 1000 exceptions here, that detracts from the subject 
matter. *sigh*

Come on people.  We all have things to do.  I am a Laurel, a Pelican and a 
Lady of the rose..

At Warlord I had 5 Calontiri Guests, 4 Atenveldt Guests, a huge encampement, 
a hospitality tent on Saturday's list field, a vigil to set up, run and deal 
with without my husband's knowledge *grin*, a knighting to attend, and 2 
children.  Not to mention the Baronial and Royalty luncheons which were 
delivered to me at the last second to help with because the Lady in charge 
was ill.  Oh, and did I mention that I am Royal Entourage and it was my 
birthday as well *laugh*

I didnt' do anything that anyone else couldnt have acheived if they wanted 

I am only trying to illustrate a point here.

I didn't miss one salute.

Alys had scrolls to do, that is something you can't do on the list field, an 
upset baby or an activity can take you away for certain, been there, done 
that.  Displaying at arts or a special activity isn't what I am talking 
about here.

And although I don't have a fighter in the rapier community carrying my
favor, I always try to at least wonder over there and say hi to those
fighters, because they are fighting their hearts out too.

Add to them the equestrians, the archers, the displaying artisans.

If we don't support each others activites, then we are all missing

I am looking for some ideas here on how we can honor those who take the
field, heavy weapons, light weapons, archery, equestrian, boffer, you name

Climbing off the soap box.

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