ANST - Re: Rude Laurel?

INEZ ADAMS ldyinnes at
Wed May 31 02:48:50 PDT 2000

Excuse me Baroness Gunnora,

Perhaps you should read the missive again before you take someone
to task regarding what they write on the list.

I was not at court or indeed even at warlord, however HL Mara or Rede
,I can assure you, does not whine, nor did she say that a laurel was 
responsible for the rude, nay, nasty coments.

She was sitting near a laurel, and the comments were addressed
to and about a laurel.  Lady Mara was defending one of your sister

Inestead of taking someone to task, whom you obviously dont know,
perhaps you should poll your laurelate to find out who shushed the
members of the rapier and who the Dona was who was presend.

As far as I am concerned, Lady Mara showed remarkable restraint,
especially since she was a heavy weapons fighter in the past.

For shame, for shame,  this is as bad as beheading the messenger
that brought bad news.

Just my .02 pennies worth.

Lady Innes Dee
Barony of Elfsea,

ps.   Should you wish to contact me regarding my opinion.

my e-mail address is        innesdee at
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