ANST - Re: Rude Laurel?

INEZ ADAMS ldyinnes at
Wed May 31 16:55:23 PDT 2000

My good lords and ladies

Don't be confused,,, she did she did say a member of the 
RAPIER COMMUNITY.  I'm not inferring that a laurel and
a Baroness to boot is WRONG.....I simply suggest that she 
go back and reread the missive.  

I have known HL Mara for a good number of years,
and believe me she is no shrinking violet.

If she had thought that addressing the Lord?? in question would
have done any good.  Believe me she would have,
and in no uncertain terms.

I feel that she addressed the matter in the manner that she
did in hopes that the Rapier Community would police itself.

Such things are usually more properly handled by ones peers.
and I dont mean  Brass Hats.

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