ANST - Fw: Worldfaire Schedule

Rod Jackson culn97 at
Wed Nov 1 12:19:16 PST 2000

Greetings, My Lady,

Can you send me the street address and instructions
for where to go when I get there or who to talk to for
admission.  I will be there Saturday morning about
10:00 am and can stay as long as needed.

Thank you,

--- Rhonda & Chuck Leggett <leggettr at>
>the demo on Nov. 10 & 11. at
> the Austin Convention Center. Please let me know
> ASAP if there are any
> problems with this schedule so I can pass it on. All
> the names may not be
> listed under the performances but I will make sure
> that everyone is listed
> so admission wont be a hassle.
> Thanks Everyone!
>    Tabitha
(lots of snipped)

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