ANST - War

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Thu Nov 2 09:26:47 PST 2000

Ineresting only the mercenaries are sending there messages to me. Doth the
French have no voice of their own? Must the hired help speak a King and A

I respect the mercenaries for defending their employer, but I do not make
wild boasts as to my claim to the French throne. You might ask your
employer,The king of France, why he would not even listen to my petition
about my right to the Crown now siting on is head.

Edward III

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"Edward III" writes:
>>>Gee I guess the French agree with me! I have not heard any frenchmen
disagree with me. I guess the French silence, means they long for English

Empty words do not hold lands, your majesty. Such childish boasts need
little response.
Should you come and try to take France, you'll end up with but a small plot
of it-over your unmourned grave.

a mercenary fighting for France
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