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Make way! Make Way! Rise and Make Way the rightful King of England and

By Grace of God, King of England through the  line of his father Edward the
Second, son of Edward the First, son of Henry the Third, son of John the
First, brother of Richard cur de Leon, son of Henry the Second first King of
the Angevin Line, from heart of the County of Anjou.

Rightfully King of France, disputed by Philip the Pretender.  From King to
King through Royal Blood from Philip the Bold, to Philip the Fair, to Louis
the Headstrong first of the line of his father, through his sister Isabella,
next in the line of sucession, to ourself.  Despite coronation by right of
blood, and grace of God, Philip the Pretender does hold the homeland of our
family against the rightful succession of the thone.  May God have mercy on
the soul of this Pretender and every man of France who would dare to raise
sword in his defense.

En France nous disons qui est maintenant l'heure de retourner aux bras
affectueux de son roi légitime, et renversons Philip le prétendant. 

For those subjects who cannot understand French here is the english

To France we do say that now is the time to return to the loving arms of her
rightful King, and overthrow Philip the Pretender.

So said in our mercy and rage, Edward, King of England.

Edward III

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