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Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at
Fri Nov 3 12:11:13 PST 2000

> Edward III Wrote:
> My dear young pup. I will call you anything I care too! Familiar huh,
> like some witchraft of some sort to me.

That oppressive feeling of dread approaches once more. Does not the room
grow dim?  The shadows,... they grow long. I surmise that ye, through
witchery, be the source of my torment. I beseech you, let me be. Evidence
enough, sorcery in thy words, to warrant thy utter destruction. Will not the
forces of good, the saints on high, be arrayed against this decrepit English
evil? A call to arms to those who be good in spirit and pure of heart. Do
not shirk before this heretic. Now is your chance to witness your faith and
demonstrate your support for the righteous. I perceive the Almighty himself
shall be at the head of my army, it is only the folly of a madman that would
follow that tired, old, evil, Englishman's path. But wait.....there she is
again. Who IS this woman? Following, clinging, insistent. The sight of whom
torments me so.
Will there be no peace for me? What does she want of me!?! How can one think
with all these distractions. Quiet! Just a bit of quiet, and there shall yet
be peace. Ahh, but there is peace. Peace in the knowledge that my army shall
be victorious under the direction of my most capable Marshal of France, Jean
le Maingre, dit Boucicault, And now see. See
how the light returns. What joyous insight. I pity you, you poor
English---misguided to the end.

Charles VI

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