ANST - Kingdom Children's Minister ?

David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at
Fri Nov 3 23:11:46 PST 2000

YTHmin at wrote:
> Greetings from the farthest resaches of the realm ( the northwest panhandle
> of Oklahoma) I am trying to reach someone involved in the Kingdoms'
> Children's Ministry I am thinking that would be Countess Anne Frayne. I would
> like to make a financial contribution to that most worthy area, but have no
> idea how to do so.
> Stefan of monmouth ( name and device pending)

>From Kingdom of Antseorra website and pg 49 of November Black Star

Minister of Children
Countess Anora (Anne) Frayne 
Kim Rischard
17616 Maji Road
Whitehouse, TX 75791

richard at
minister_children at

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