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Padraig Ruad padraig_ruad at
Sun Nov 5 14:57:41 PST 2000

The gracious and lovely Elanor Cleavely wrote:

>Well SIR,
>I'm guessing you've never had a Spotted Dick. (If you
>don't know...look it up) :O) Or plum pudding...or
> French do nothing with your food but
>give people indigestion and the runs. 
>Eleanor Cleavely
>Daughter of the Late John Edward Cleavely
>Born of London but having a merry time torturing the


I shudder to think what some of the items you mention might even be, to say nothing of trying to eat them.  However, I will charitably assume that it is this debased and uncivilized language in which we are forced to communicate that is at fault, and not the food items themselves.

How will you torture us?  By making us eat English food?  Perhaps we should beg for the mercy of death!

Vive la belle France!

Jean le Maingre, Marshal Boucicault
In Service to His Majesty, Charles VI, Rightful King of France
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