ANST - Weather for Three Kings

Bob Dewart gilli at
Tue Nov 7 16:46:30 PST 2000

Hey, just because it's rained every single event this year Darcy and I
cooked at, is NNNOOOOO reason to think it will do so at this one.  Is

And if it does, so what.  It will be nice and warm and DRY on the inside.
With plenty of hot food for a small price.  We'll be having Scrambled eggs,
hash browns, corn beef hash, creamed beef, ham, hot cakes and syrup, fruit,
oat meal, coffee, milk, OJ, hot chocolate, hot apple cidar and assorted
condiments. Disposables are provided.  Breakfast will be from 7AM to 9AM.

See you at the GP medium liner near the bandstand.


> Thank God I don't feel like being a mud puppy this weekend.
> Keyna

> > Good News. We might have some clouds but weather looks to be overcast
> a
> > high in the mid 60's and a low in the mid 40's for Friday through
> > Should be wonderful fighting and having fun weather!
> > Richard Fairbourne

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