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Thu Nov 9 19:37:50 PST 2000

Greetings all,

I too have though of something of the like.  I got on the Society siege engine 
list and have learned a little bit.  Due to my time constrains for the next 
couple of weeks (moving and settling into a new house) I don't have anything to 
contribute at the moment but if you or someone starts one I'm sure to join it 
as soon as it starts.

   Phelippe Descors

> Is there enough of an interest here in Ansteorra for a e-mail list 
> of just Ansteorran siege weapons?  I know we have the full SCA one,
> but was wondering if there was enough interest in just Ansteorra
> for a list.
> It would keep the traffic down on the SCA list if we wanted to 
> discuss things about Gulf Wars or Kingdom events.  It's a fairly
> easy set up on e-groups.
> Just wondering.
> Petruccio
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