ANST - Siege Weapons

Lawrence D. Ruiz lruiz at
Fri Nov 10 02:39:14 PST 2000

I am more than willing to start an e-group about siege weapons, but....
Ansteorra does have two e-groups for this discussion, one is War-Ansteorra
and the other being the Archery list for Ansteorra.  I will admit the
Archery list focuses on archery and the War-Ansteorra does focus on tactics
but both lists have hosted meaningful siege discussions.
Since siege weapons and tactics are used for only one battle at Gulf Wars I
recommend using the forums we already have rather start a new one and
someone possibly missing out.
Siege weaponry is being used more and more at events, this weekend and next
being examples of just a couple, but I still do not see the discussion being
to the extent that we would need a new e-group.
Of course this is your game just as much as it is mine, so if a new e-group
on siege weaponry will make the dream more enjoyable for you, then go for
it.  I do kindly ask you let me know, and everyone else, the subscription
I remain in your service,
Ld. Lawrence the Rampant of Ram's Isle
Siege Weapons Marshal - Ansteorra

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