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Lawrence D. Ruiz lruiz at
Sun Nov 12 20:41:57 PST 2000

> From: twalker at (Walker, Travis)
> Subject: Re: ANST - Siege Weapons
This is a little off the subject, but will there be anyone at Autumn melees
> to authorize persons in Seige?  I need to get some other members of a crew
> authorized.
> Edward

I will be at Autumn Melees and I will be authorizing siege crews, weapons,
and teaching any who would like to know how to marshal siege weapons.  I am
easy to spot out, a ram (goat) rampant on a blue and white wavy field.  I
can usually be found around the "toys" or around the Seawinders (a clamshell
on a blue and gold embattled field).

I look forward to authorizing you this weekend,
Ld. Lawrence the Rampant of Ram's Isle
Siege Weapons Marshal - Ansteorra

PS - If you fail to find me, Ly. Muirrin Reachlinn, Ly. Bronwen Bocher, Ld.
Wayland of Durloch, and HE HL Ulsted the Unsteady will all be present and
all can help in your siege endeavors.

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