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Mon Nov 13 06:22:43 PST 2000

Battle of the Kings was a great event. Thank you to the Autocrat's (Crinan mac Eoin and Lord Wiliam de Moley) for making it so much fun. Thank you to the two Kings Master
Richard Fairbourne (King Edward), Themecrat, and  Lord Armand (King Charles) for the great service in this area. The whole shire of Rosenfeld for all there work and service
to the kingdom for bringing us all together in this event. The people who camped in the period encampment for making it a big success. Those people for cooking such great
and wonderful breakfasts and dinners. The Steppes hospitality tent for feeding so many people that day and keeping them warm. The Bards that entertain us Saturday evening.
We had a great and wonderful time. 

Please do not forget to come to Fall Melee's this coming weekend. It will be as much fun with castle battles until you drop, for both Rapier and Chivalric fighters.  
Thank you again for the Battle of Three Kings. It was a huge success. I will have hot bevergers for those who needs to warm up or wants to visit and talk. At the purple and
gold tent on the side of the list feild.
Marguerite des Fleur

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