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Mon Nov 13 10:53:38 PST 2000

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in the
raffle at Three Kings at the Steppes To those who donated items, bought
tickets or donated money THANK YOU.   We raised $229 !!!

Beth and Matt are very grateful for you help and support.

For those unable to attend.  Rhianna got a pass from rehab and spent a few
hours at the event.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see her out.
She stopped briefly by the list field then spent the rest of the time in my
daughters tent staying warm.

There is a possibility that she may be able to go home next Friday.  It will
be awhile before she is able to attend school.  But her therapist has given
her to go ahead to attend Middle Eastern dance class with Duchess Larissa.
This will greatly benefit her.  It will help her to strengthen her left side
and with her balance problems.  I look forward to seeing her at class.

I also wish to thank Lord Borek for helping me organize and run the
hospitality tent.  Thank you to Baron Fritz and Baroness Catrin for the use
of the baronial pavilion, and to all who help set up and keep everything
running.  Without your help I wouldn't have made it.

Thank you to the 3 wonderful ladies of Lindenwood who stepped in and help
water bear.  You did an awesome job.

In Service

Ldy Mary Elizabeth

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