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Squires and Cadets Invitational

December 1 - 3, 2000


"A knight should be bold, fair, courteous and well-mannered, generous and
loyal, not foolish or rash, and should speak fairly without discourtesy. A
knight should be all this, and also proud and fierce to his enemies,
and kind to his friends." Durmart, lines 12129-36, c 1210-1240

Greetings and Good Tidings to All!

Historically, this Tournament was based on a series of tests.  Particpants
have been judged on their knowledge and skill in the martial arts as
well as courtly behavior and heraldry. The nature of the competition
this year will find the tests to be less obvious, blending in with
the background of the activities of the day. Still, one will need
a knowledge of Heraldry, some display of your knowledge of Arts and
Sciences, some knowledge of courtly behavior, and good personna play. Be
aware that the arts and sciences portion of the contest will be require
the entered piece to be utilized during the day. Find more details at

The areas of Competition:

Chivalric Challenge Tournament

Early Period Chivalric Tournament

Two Rapier Tournaments


Static Arts and Sciences

Performance (Bardic) and Comportment

The Loch will also be choosing its Equestrian and Archery Champions at
this event. These competitions are not part of the requirements for the
Squires and Cadets Championship, but we encourage everyone to participate

In the End

At the end of the day, the Chivalry, the White Scarves, and the judges
will meet to tally the scores and decide the championship. The winners
will be announced at Court and then we may all retire to a wonderful
Tavern style feast!

Tentative Schedule

Friday, December 1st

--- 5:00pm -- site opens
--------------Vigil for Francois begins Friday evening

Saturday, December 2nd

--- 7:30am -- wake up call

--- 8:15am -- armour inspection begins

--- 9:00am -- Opening Court
--------------Peerage Ceremony
--------------judging begins (A&S, Bardic, Personna, Comportment)

--- 10:00am - Chivalric Challenge Tourney on field one
--------------Primary Rapier Tourney on field two
--------------Equestrian woods competition
--------------Archery competition begins
--------------for non-Squires combatants

--- 12:00pm - Morning Tournies end
--------------Archery competition opens to Squires entrants

--- 2:00pm -- Period Chivalric Tourney begins in woods
--------------Secondary Rapier Tourney begins on field two
--------------Equestrian Competition begins on the course

--- 4:00pm -- All competitions end
--------------Judging circles begin

--- 5:00pm -- Evening Court begins ( at their Majesties pleasure)
--------------A Tavern-style Feast will commence immediately after

Sunday, December 3rd

--- 8:30am wake up call
--- 12:00pm site closes

The site will be the MacHac Catfish Farm

located at 24A Blumberg, Hempstead,TX.

Site fee is $7.00 --- Feast is $4.00 (includes Saturday and Sunday
Site opens at 4:00pm on Friday and closes at 12:00pm on Sunday.


Event Steward & Chivalric Tournaments ----- Galen Eadwin Kirchenbauer
Site Steward ----- Mairi M'Donnyle
Rapier Tournaments ----- Etienne
Arts and Sciences Coordinator ----- Mahee of Acre
Heraldry and Communications ----- Leofric Ealdricson
Bardic, Comportment, and Personna Coordinator ----- Breoghan the Musicmaker
Waterbearer Coordinator ----- Giovanna Lena Caronna
Gate Steward ----- Ihon Vinson MacFergus
Feast Steward ----- Arachna the Red
Youth Activities ----- Jasmine Foxhair
Archery Coordinator ----- Ulstead the Unsteady
Equestrian Coordinator ----- Katharyn Clatworthy
Chivalric Marshal ----- Rodrigo de Navarra
Rapier Marshal ----- Tristan Von Heidelberg
Merchant Coordinator ----- Wolf and Cat

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