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Jennifer Donohue henecey at
Wed Nov 15 17:06:50 PST 2000

Greetings to our fellow Ansteorrans,

This coming Saturday, Nov 18th, we have been invited to participate in
the Messina Hof's craft fair. For those who aren't familiar, Messina Hof
is a winery located just northeast of Bryan. If anyone is interested in
participating in dancing, fighting or displaying arts and science, you
are more than welcome.

In addition to the above demo, we will be marching in the local
Christmas parade on Sunday, December 3rd at 2 pm. We have made
arrangements to borrow a 40' trailer for use as a float. The theme is
"Christmas in the country", and we will be decorating the float as a
middle ages manor house. We plan on having several demo-type activities
during the parade. This will be televised on our local cable channel as
well as our CBS affiliate. This is the Sunday of Squire's Inv. weekend
(we're about 40 miles north of Hempstead) and crash space can be
arranged if needed. We will be providing a BBQ picnic after the parade,
as well. If you are interested in participation, please contact us. I
will have an information page for this by the end of this weekend. The
web addy will be:

Shire of the Shadowlands (College Station, TX)
Krag & Henecey
henecey at
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