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ems.cougar at ems.cougar at
Wed Nov 15 17:49:04 PST 2000

As most of you know, I have not been talking much. Today, after much
thought, I surrendered my license for Trans-Star EMS to the State of
Texas today. WW and I have decided to work for Personal Care EMS for $10
per hour. We hope to save up enough to regain our license at a later
date. This was a very hard decision, becuse both of us have worked so
very hard at building Trans-Star EMS. WE still hold the name and the
DBA...but we are no longer Trans-Star. 

I, at this time ask for prayers for our revival in the future, but there
are MANY things we must learn before trying to bring Trans-Star up again.
I know that many of you wish to start your own businesses. My prayers are
with you, Fortunatly Jan and I have acquired EMS jobs starting at 10
bucks an hour. We hope to save enough to put Trans-Star back on the map,
but it may take a while.

In the intrim, I offer my prayers to yourselves, your businesses, and
hope that our prayers are answered as well

Good luck to all, and God be with you.

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