ANST - Border Revels

Maleah maleah at
Sun Nov 19 23:30:09 PST 2000

A quick thank you to all who helped make the Border Revels event this
week-end such a success. An especial thank-you to Their Excellencies
V'tavia, Khulan and Keare and all their delightful populace, HE Modar of the
Forgotten Seas for making the long journey to enrich our event, the
wonderful merchants who braved the journey despite the weather forecast and
last but not least all the beloved people of Namron who gave unstintingly to
make this event come off only a month after Protectorate. We could not have
done this without you ALL. If we tried to name everyone from Namron who
helped we'd surely forget someone and hurt some feelings, so we'll just say
again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unfailing hard work,
love and support.

Those of you from Calontir who are on this list, please pass this on to the
Calon list for us.

Ulf and Maleah
Baron and Baroness of Namron

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