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Sun Nov 19 21:45:29 PST 2000

If you are interested their is a list for War in Ansteorra.  On the list we
discuss the battles that have gone on at events and talk about tactics, units,
glories, and history.  If you would like I can sign up directly to the list, I
am the moderator.  It is the War-Ansteorra list.

Just let me know,

Isolde von Rugen

Alice Harris wrote:

> Greetings From Alina:
> I was watching Part II the PBS's biography about Napoleon in the early
> hours of the morning. I realize Napoleon is way past SCA time, but all
> through both Part I and Part II there was a heavy discussion on the
> triumphs and disasters of all his military battles . It got me thinking
> of all times Ansteorra went into battle. I'm not a fighter, but I'm
> always fascinated watching combatants at Gulf War and at other events.
> Could some of the fighter tell some of battles and/or one on one combat
> they've had? What were some of the victories and disasters you've had or
> saw? What helped win the battle or fight? What were the mistakes made in
> other battles or fight?
> Thanks,
> Alina
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